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The 2019 Summer Dance Classes are a wrap!

Posted by Accounting Department on

Well, that's a WRAP on the 2019 summer dance lessons.  At the time of this update, we are in the second week of the August classes.  I have had such a great time meeting so many new folks. It's truly been my pleasure teaching y'all how to get your boot scoot boogie, on, so to speak.  Thank you all for your tremendous efforts and good humor!   I'm already thinking about providing instruction THREE nights a week with the addition of Jitterbug and perhaps some additional Two-Step and Western Polka specific classes, and, then, maybe the occasional Saturday evening class.  I'm also thinking about a single, 2-hour "crash course" class with the rough outline of both Two Step and Western Polka.  And. if that wasn't enough, how about a "practice night" where you can come and practice your skills with other folks from current and past dance classes.  Nothing definitely on all those ideas just yet.  Stay tuned. My mind is already working overtime on how to make 2020 better than ever.  

Till then... Stop in the store or I'll see you at Big Texas and Whiskey River.


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