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C&W Dance Lessons - Outback Western Wear

C&W Dance Lessons

Outback Western Wear

  • $ 4500

Thank you for interest in our C&W dance lessons. (If you're looking for our LGBTQ C&W dance lessons, click here.)

BEFORE REGISTERING....  Please read the information at THIS LINK as it contains vital information on our how our dance classes operate. Continuing to register for our dance lessons constitutes acceptance of our rules and policies provided at THIS LINK.

When you are ready to register, simply choose the month, the class, the number gals or guys, then add to the cart. If you are registering both guys and gals, you will add two "Dance Lesson" items to the cart - one for the gals, and another for the guys

Each class is limited to 12 each guys and gals, and the website will display SOLD OUT when we have no more room for that combination of Month/Class/Gender.   Additionally, the website will display UNAVAILABLE for classes not taught on that particular month.  . 

Once you make your purchase, we will typically reply via email within 1 or 2 business days confirming your registration.  Then, get ready to have fun! 

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