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Boulet Boots

Boulet Boots is one of our favorite boot companies.  Manufactured in Canada, they are made with top quality leathers from around the world.  The fit is a bit different than other brands.  Once you try them on, you'll understand why we tell folks, Once you go Boulet, you don't go back!

Boulet Inc.'s history began in the 1930s as the first company to produce boots in Canada. They began a pattern of rapid growth as the leading provider to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Ministry of National Defense. Throughout World War II, they were producing 200 to 300 pairs per day with 75% of these being created especially for the army. By the 1960's, the company moved into manufacturing men's western dress boots, becoming the first Canadian company to do so. Today, their original facility is still in operation with over 200 employees. They now produce over 200,000 pairs of Boulet boots for women and men each year in a variety of styles and leathers including brown ostrich boots and caiman belly, and the company holds the distinction of being the oldest boot maker still owned by the same family. When you see Boulet boots for sale at your local retailer, you're seeing a unique piece of Canadian history.


Boulet Inc. boots come in a wide variety of leathers, styles and uses. From traditional western boots to work boots to pairs designed specifically for motorcyclists, Boulet seeks to meet your daily needs. Carrying a range of exotic and traditional leathers, their products are ideal for working hard both in and outdoors. Each pair is made with the Goodyear Welt process. This means that the sole is stitched to the welt which is itself stitched to the vamp and the insole. The gap between the insole and the outsole is filled with cork that gradually matches your footprint. The result is a high quality product that becomes uniquely comfortable to your foot. Each boot is hand crafted by Boulet’s dedicated and skilled craftsmen. The company employs over one-hundred and sixty people with an average experience of fifteen years in hand-crafted boots.

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