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C&W Dance Lessons

After a few years hiatus, C&W Dance Lessons returned to Outback Western Wear during the summer of 2016.  Since then, many folks have enjoyed learning (or, re-learning correctly) the fine art known as the Texas two-step and western polka.  Many of our students went back to their neighborhood, church group, etc. and shared their stories of learning how to Two-Step.  And, this brought in more folks.... some returning to learn more, or retake the lessons with their friends.


The class schedule for the 2019 is beginning to come together...  Classes are held April through August. 

Monthly lessons consists of (4) ninety-minute lessons held Thursday and/or Friday evenings between 7 - 8:30 pm. The cost is $45 per person for the entire month. Classes are open to adults and mature teens.  Singles and couples are both welcome!!

Registration.  Advanced registration and prepayment is required.   Registration is available in the store or online (below).

  • Full payment required.
  • Free water and keg beer
    (beer for those 21 or older)
  • No cameras or recording equipment.
  • Class size limited to 24 people
    (typically 12 each men and women)
  • No on-site childcare or non-participating on-lookers, please.
  • Our dance studio is a non-smoking environment.


2019 Class Schedule   (Subject to change!)

Two-Step Classes

  • April 4, 11, 18 & 25 (Thursday)
  • May 3, 10, 17 & 24 (Friday)
  • June 6, 13, 20 & 27 (Thursday)
  • July (TBD)
  • August (TBD)

Western Swing Classes

  • July (TBD)
  • August (TBD)
Western Polka Classes
  • April 5, 12, 19 & 26 (Friday)
  • May 2, 9, 16 & 23 (Thursday)
  • June 7, 14, 21 & 28 (Friday)
  • July (TBD)
  • August (TBD)

The classes offered during the months of July & August are driven by demand.  Please click on the IN STOCK REMINDER to be notified if and when your desired July/August class becomes available.

PLEASE NOTE: On rare occasion, we may have to move a class date here or there to allow for business travel to market or other unanticipated personal reasons. 

Class Descriptions.  While we have offered a larger number of classes in the past and there is enough material to create 12 months of classes without repeating any material, our experience teaching dancing at the store has been that most folks want to learn enough to go out and have fun, and look good scooting across the dance floor. So, we parred down the class offering to just a few classes.

In each class, we teach from the beginning... from rhythm and frame to lots of footwork. The guys learn to lead, and the ladies learn to follow.  

Students may take either the Two-Step or Western Polka as their first class, and take the other as their second.  Although students will want to take both Two-Step and Western Polka classes, you should be able to go out dancing and have fun. After you have taken both the Two-Step and Western Polka classes, you may register for the Western Swing class.


  • Two Step - This is a beginning-level class, with no prerequisite classes.  Anyone may sign-up to take this class.   
  • Western Polka - This is a beginning-level class, with no prerequisite classes.  Anyone may sign-up to take this class. 
  • Western Swing - This is an advanced-level class, and the prerequisites are both the Two-Step & Western Polka classes.  This class focuses on teaching the guy how to lead ladies through a double-turn.  Is sounds easy enough, but learning to coordinate hands separately from feet can be challenging.  And, ladies learn how to double-turn without losing balance or getting dizzy.  

Please note:  It is*very* important that participants in the Western Swing class already know and feel comfortable with the material in the Two Step & Western Polka classes.  It is very difficult to learn the material in the Western Swing class if you do not already have a good grip on the basics.  And, this is why the Two Step & Western Polka classes are prerequisites to the Western Swing class..

In all seriousness, a good number of folks find these two beginning-level classes difficult.  Just like learning to walk as a toddler or ride a bike as a child, dancing is not an instinctive trait.  There is much to learn that is not intuitive, and much time is spent explaining the basics and then repetitively honing the skill.  And, just like many other activities, you will gain skill and confidence commensurate with your effort to learn it. 

I say all this to also explain that it's not uncommon for folks to repeat a class.  They do this for a variety of reasons.

  1. Each time a student hears the material, they grasp more of the concepts and become more capable of implementing the material. Like peeling the layers of an onion, students master one thing at a time, then move forward to learn one more thing, then one more, then one more, and one more, etc....and at some point, the dance lessons student has the "ah ha!" moment where they realize they are making significant progress.
  2. Many folks see retaking a class as simply getting more practice in a controlled and helping environment.
  3. And, some folks find the classes very enjoyable as it has allowed them to meet other folks and make new friends with others in the classes. 

Recommended Footwear.  Leather-sole boots, of course!  In C&W dancing, you slide your feet, and rarely ever lift your feet completely off the dance floor. Thus, leather-sole boots are needed as rubber-sole boots have way too much grip to allow your feet to slide.

Group Dance Outings.  Several times a year, we organize group outings typically to Big Texas in Spring.  Once you've taken lessons with us, you are welcome to join our internet email list, and join us when we go out dancing! 

Switching Partners.  In group lessons, we switch partners frequently.  This is a non-negotiable requirement for everyone (especially couples) taking our dance lessons.  Trust us – you will learn quicker by switching partners.  If you do not want to switch partners, our classes are not for you.

Refunds.  We understand "life happens" when you least expect it. Business demands last minute travel, sickness, accidents, injuries, vehicular breakdowns, etc.  We get it.  However, when folks register for a class and then back out, it limits our ability to fill the class.  As a result, we will gladly refund your tuition according to when we receive your refund request.  Simply send us a message via the web site to cancel your registration and request a refund.

  • 100% - 10th of the prior month.
  • 50% - 15th of the prior month
  • 25% - 20th of the prior month

Example: If you registered for a class in July, request a refund by ...

  • June 10th for a full, complete 100% refund.
  • June 15th for a 50% refund.
  • June 20th for a 25% refund.
  • No refunds provided after June 21st. 

If you do not agree with this refund schedule, no hard feelings. Simply, please do not register for dance classes so far in advance.  Instead, register only when you feel confident you will be able to attend the classes.

Rescheduling Classes.  Because rescheduling classes also inhibits our ability to fill a class, all requests to switch classes will result in a refund according to the date we receive the request per the refund schedule above.  You may then simply re-register for the desired class.

    Somewhat Amusing Background Info.  The instructor for our classes is Chris (the owner of OutbackWW).  He taught dancing for many years ('93-'99) at a dance studio in Houston called SSQQ.   During those years, Chris was very active in the Houston c&w dance community, and frequently organized dance outings to various C&W clubs in and around the Houston metro area. When Chris bought OutbackWW in 2006, he started teaching c&w dance lessons in a large unused room in the store. Unfortunately, as our boot and apparel business grew, the boots were moved into the room formerly used for dance lessons, and dance lessons came to an end.  However, we have reorganized the store in 2016 and have configured one of the other rooms to become our dance studio.  So, come on!

    Private Lessons, Additional Ad-Hoc Classes, etc.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Chris is unable to provide private lessons.  

    Corporate Events.  If your company or organization (of at least 75 people) would like to hire Chris to teach C&W dancing at your company event, please contact us at least 60 days prior to your event, and we are happy to discuss how we can make this happen.  The rate is $500 for the first two hours (minimum) and $200/hour thereafter for events located within the area encompassed by the cities of Spring, Conroe, Montgomery, Magnolia, Hockley, Cypress, and Tomball.

    To register for our monthly classes, simply click the icon below!