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Lane Boots

Founded in 2007, Lane Boots represent two things: the company's passion for boots and their commitment to help make the world a little better. The company first began as a broker of another businesses' closeout sales. Over time, they found themselves moved by their customers' positive response to what they had to offer and stories of how a pair of cowboy boots impacted their lives. Words such as proud, happy, confident and joy would appear again and again in customer comments and reviews. From that feedback, Lane Boots was inspired to be a different kind of company—one that not only celebrated Western boots and their rich tradition, but also allowed them to share their own passion.


It didn’t take long before the first pairs of exclusive Lane Cowgirl Boots were designed and sourced. After a successful Dallas tradeshow appearance in 2010, their customer base began a rapid expansion to reach the entire U.S. They now feature hundreds of diverse styles including their popular Double D Ranch Boots, Lane Lace Boots and Junk Gypsy. In late 2013, they took a major step by opening their first true manufacturing facility to meet the soaring demand.


Lane’s cowgirl boots are easily recognized for their unique spin on the traditional western boot. Whether you’re looking for a classic pair or something decidedly fashion forward, they have you covered. Their products have been known to feature gorgeous fringe work, decorative straps and buckles, eye-catching colors and patterns, and even three-dimensional floral patterns popping right out of the leather. This is a company that understands your need for a pair of boots to work hard in as well as a pair to catch the eye of those around you. If you want a little attitude in your southern style, Lane cowboy boots for women are a must.

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