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Miss Me® launched its first collection in the Spring of 2001 with a single purpose: to dress the modern girl who was no longer definable, but is instead multi-dimensional in both character and style. This clothing line dedicated exclusively to the needs of the modern woman began a rapid surge in popularity over the past decade, becoming an almost essential addition to any woman’s fashionable wardrobe. Miss Me® designs for those who hold a multitude of passions, personas and cultures with a variety of cuts and styles from the classic boot cut jeans to eye catching distressed, black skinny jeans. Miss Me Jeans are a part of two distinct clothing lines created to provide versatile pieces that represent every facet of the Miss Me® woman – from day to day casual wear, colorful and beautiful formal wear to enviable nightlife styles.  Miss Me® strives to offer quality apparel for the individual woman.


This is a company that prides itself on the claim to have captured the very many identities of women today. This brand’s focus on versatility and the desire to appeal to each and every aspect of your clothing needs led to their innovations in both wardrobe staples and new styles that make a definitive statement. Whether you need the perfect pair of skinny stretch jeans or are looking for comfortable and attractive active wear, a dress that’s perfect for warm weather or hoodies and pullovers to keep you comfortable in the cold, Miss Me has you covered. What can a pair of distressed white jeans do for you? Ask our customers. With overwhelmingly positive reviews and a loyal fan base, Miss Me® has grown to be everyone's favorite piece in the closet. They guarantee you that their clothing will never compromise the important balance between comfort and style.

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