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Old Gringo

On a day over a decade ago, during a western market, Yan Ferry and Ernie Tarut developed what we know today as Old Gringo Boots. They drafted their agreement on a yellow legal pad and closed the deal with a hand shake, embarking on the adventure to create the best fitting boots made from the finest leathers available.

It has always been about creating that perfect pair of boots that will fit like a glove and look even better the older they get. Whether you're looking for cowboy boots for women, men, boys or girls, the Old Gringo design is perfectly balanced. Catering to a variety of tastes ranging from Vintage to Contemporary, we produce and tan our selected leathers in textures, colors and finishes that are unique to the Old Gringo brand. This ensures our ability to provide you styles unlike any other. Red, white, blue, black, brown, even turquoise boots are just a small part of the variety in tall and short cowboy boots Old Gringo Boots has offer. You can’t rush quality, and our one-hundred percent handmade boots are given the time that they need to cure naturally. To ensure our signature exceptional fit, some styles may take up to 3 days to make one pair.

Old Gringo takes inspiration from a wide range of sources. For a more traditional look, we produce a line of Retro Cowboy boots. For a spin on the classic, our Outlaw series features unique additions to the classic boot. For a high mix of comfort and fashion, our Personal Style boots feature a shorter cut and distinct colors. Want something a little more unique? Why not enjoy our 70’s Bohemian style inspired line, known for its Fringe Cowgirl Boots. While trends may come and go, Old Gringo stays. Like a little black dress, Old Gringo Western Boots are forever fashionable.

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