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Twisted X

Twisted X® is confident that they can provide the best overall work boots, giving what you need in style, technology, stability, durability, and comfort. Founded in 2005, this brand proudly celebrates its first decade of specially designed, comfortable footwear and its growing fan base of men, women and children. 


From casual to cowboy, their boots come with a variety of sole options to suit the unique needs of your lifestyle. Whether you find yourself in need of their moisture wicking technology, a high stability sole, added arch support, increased cushion or strong slip resistance, Twisted X is there for you. With many years in the steel toe boots business, their "xtreme" boots are proven in the industrial environment to meet your safety needs. Coupled with their highly durable line of work boots, Twisted X is there to see you get the job done. In recent years, the company has branched out into more casual wear, creating a line of driving mocs and Twisted X Shoes that continue the company's focus on providing customers with footwear that's durable, stable, light weight, breathable, and comfortable.


With an equally robust line of boots for women, Twisted X understand that its female customers work and play just as hard as the men. Featuring a line of steel toed boots for women, safety is always at the forefront. For the off-hours, they also provide a line of sandals, casual pull-ons and colorfully styled Western Boots.


The whole family can be dressed in Twisted X when you explore their children’s lines. Kids love the cute and colorful Driving Mocs, and your little ones will look just as sharp as you do in their selection of beautifully designed Western Boots. This is a brand that is ready to serve every member of the family at each moment of their day.

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