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Boot Fit Guide


Boulet: Boulet is a little-known company from St. Site, Quebec, Canada, that has been making boots since 1933.  They are our house favorite.  We tell customers, "Once you go Boulet, you don't go back!"  And, it's true.  Boulet designs and constructs boots to fit differently than all other brands in that Boulet boots fit more like a shoe, snug between the heel and instep.  This typically yields very little heel slippage which is common in all other brands.

For folks who have never worn Boulet boots, you may wear a different size in Boulet than other brands because of how they are made to fit differently.  In our retail store, we find most folks who wear a "D - Medium" width boot in other brands, simply drop down 1/2 a size.  And, folks who wear a "EE - Extra Wide" width boot in other brands, simply slide into the same size.  This general rule works for about 75-80% of the population. The first few times they are put on, it's not uncommon for the instep to be a big snugger than other brand boots.  And you will definitely feel the heel of the boot cupping your heel.  However, these two factors dissipate at the same rate that the sole learns where you foot bends, or flexes. Usually, after just wearings a few hours each, the boots will typically fit like a glove. This entails the break-in process of a Boulet boot!