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New Retail Hours & COVID-19 Update

Update: 1400 hours April 2, 2020

At this time, various things are becoming apparent....

  • the COVID-19 contagion is not going away any time soon,
  • it's going to get worse before it gets better, and 
  • the retail store will remain closed until the universal all-clear is sounded.

I continue to come in each morning and ship your online orders.  Using a highly valued and treasured container of Clorox wipes, I wipe down and clean the shipping computer and all common surfaces used in the shipping process.   So long as shipping companies USPS and UPS are deemed "necessary", I'll continue shipping Monday - Friday.  

I've advised my employees they may elect to work or not work at their own discretion. (They know I'll send them home if they begin exhibiting any of the corona virus or flu-like symptoms.)  We have enough computers and they are situated far enough apart for each employee to be productive and also maintain a good distance from other employees.  I truly love and care for my employees, and want to maintain a healthy and happy group that's excited to work here long after COVID-19 dies down and society returns to some sort of normalcy.  It will definitely be a new normal.

I also very much appreciate all of our customers sticking with and patronizing us via the website.through this difficult time.

While our phones are off, please don't hesitate to contact us via email should you have any questions.  In the meantime, please, wash your hands.  :-)



Update: 1545 hours March 30, 2020

Hi folks.   Thank you for stopping by.  

We are certainly travelling through uncharted territory.  Never in recent modern times has Texas, the USA, nor the world witnessed an event like the Corona Virus.  It's very surreal.  And, every day, the numbers change and it seems the clouds continue to darken.

We are taking precautions to protect both employees and customers.  The retail store is closed through April 12th per the local County Judge's order, and this may get extended.

Outback Western Wear is blessed to have a wonderful team of dedicated employees who care about the business and serving our customers.  Daily, employees come in to ship online orders and perform basic functions necessary to keep the business running. Although we are not selling as much as we should be, our owner keeps employees busy with meaningful work that will ultimately benefit our customers, the employees, and the company.

Regardless of how long this situation continues, please know, we will trudge forward into the aftermath, together, with you.   The owner is a Marine.  He doesn't give up and he doesn't back down.

In no time, the clouds will break and the sun will rise,and a new day will dawn.  We will be right there with you.   Please be safe, and wash your hands.  :-)

God Bless.


Update: 1051 hours March 19, 2020

New Retail Store Hours. Given the early shutdown of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, we have moved forward in implementing new store hours for the retail store.  Basically, we are back to being closed on Sundays, and now also closed on Mondays.  The decision to close the retail store on Mondays is driven by the continued increase in online sales and in no way by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue shipping your online orders on Monday.

COVID-19 Update.  Like most folks around the world, the health and safety of our employees and customers are our top priority.  We continue to digest the news to determine a course of action that make sense for the company, our employees and our customers.  Thankfully, all employees are healthy.  As such, the retail store is open and so is the website where we continue receive and ship orders as quickly as they come in.  Both shipping partners, USPS and UPS, continue to function with their daily pickups and drop-offs.

We appreciate your continued business.  Please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email should you have any questions.