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Remaining Inventory Sale

We still have a good amount of remaining inventory.  Given continued supply chain shortages within the western industry and the upcoming Christmas season, this presents an opportunity for enterprising folks to make some significant cash in the purchasing of our remaining inventory. 

Please note: This page is written to promote the sale of complete departments and/or bundles.  If you want to buy one or more individual items, please simply stop by the store according to the schedule posted here....

Inventory Quality

We have always sold first-quality items purchased directly from the manufacture or authorized distributors. Never any blems or seconds.  Although the store officially closed on Christmas Eve 2021, all items remain in the AC'd space of the store.

Some of our inventory is seasonal and thus considered "aged".  This only means it's from previous years and is likely a discontinued item.  Aged merchandise still looks as good today as it did when it arrived straight off the UPS/FedEx truck.

How to Purchase our Goods

We have priced our remaining inventory to provide an enterprising individual with the opportunity to make some good profit on the resale of the items.  Each department has been priced based upon a large discount to the retail price.  Departments are grouped into bundles and the bundle has is discounted further.

You are welcome to purchase one or more departments, or one or more bundles.  Or, you may purchase EVERYTHING for significantly less than the sum of the bundle prices.

Want to buy multiple bundles or all of our remaining inventory?  CASH talks.  Please come to the store and bring a suitcase of high quality dead presidents with you.  :-)  We are very motivated to sell everything!!  Want to negotiate a very large purchase?  Bring yourself and the dead presidents to the store.  No negotiations online.  Show up at the store to show you're a serious buyer.  If you're out of town, message us on Facebook. 



Item Quantity & Price True-Up

We continue to sell items both on eBay and to folks who come by the store.  As such, the value of each department and bundle will slowly decrease over time.  Before a buyer takes delivery, we will verify the inventory for that department and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Terms of Sale

  1. CASH for purchases of $3000 and less. 
  2. CASHIER's CHECK allowed for purchases of $3001 or more.  We will meet at your local bank for the check to clear and your bank to convert to cash before you take possession of the items.
  3. No Visa, MC, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or CashApp.

  4. All sales are final.