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Texas Sales Tax Holiday

The Texas Sales Tax Holiday for 2018 is Friday, August 10 through Sunday, August 12.

The retail store will be open normal business hours this weekend to fulfill your back-to-school needs.  During this time, we will be shipping online purchases as they come in, which is typically the same or next business day.

Unfortunately, we have no method to effectively turn-off the collection of sales tax on the website for items which qualify for the Texas Sales Tax Holiday.   As a result, for online purchases by Texas residents, we will refund the sales tax you pay on all qualifying purchases made on these days.  Simply make your purchase on this Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and we will refund the sales tax for all qualifying items.

Please understand that if you purchase more than one item, we will calculate and refund the sales tax on only the qualifying items.  FWIW, our sales tax rate is 7.25% which is already 1% less than many other parts of the state.

Which items qualify to be exempt from sale tax?  Most clothing (shirts, tops, dresses, belts, footwear, socks, etc.) and backpacks priced less than $100.  For all the specifics, please refer to the State of Texas web site at the following link:

This sales tax holiday applies to Texas residents only, or anyone with a Texas Ship-to address.  If you live outside of Texas, your purchases are already free from Texas Sales Tax.  :-)

Additionally, local customers visiting the retail store may put qualifying items on layaway this weekend and the item will be free from sales tax.  Unfortunately, layaway is only available in the retail store.

Thank you for your business!