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The Corona Virus Discount Codes

Well it seems we're all home quarantined up with the kids.  Schools, restaurants and pubs may be closed, but the local news reports that liquor stores sales are booming!  :-)  Certainly, we've seen a nice spike in late night buying, perhaps after a glass of Cabernet or two.  And, as of today, April 16th, many folks should have received or will soon receive their stimulus check from President Trump!   So, in honor of all that's wrong (and right!) in the world, and as a big salute to our wonderful customers, we provide to you these discount codes.  

Please note the following....

  1. The following discount codes can be used on regularly-priced items, only.  They will not work on products that are on sale.
  2. One Discount Code can be applied at a time.  
  3. Discount Codes will expire.  No sale or promotion last forever, and they'll all expire at various dates and times in the future. 
    • If the website displays, "Enter a valid discount code" after entering the discount code, it's expired.  Doh!!  You waited too long!
    • Upon expiration, we may or may not reactivate them... it kinda depends on what has and hasn't sold, as well as other critical criteria such as, but not limited to...phase of the moon, planetary alignment, how empty my glass of Tito's is.. important stuff like that.  Since discount codes may or may be reactivated in the future, if you see something you want and the code is working, well, there's your sign to not wait. 
If you are buying several items and the shipping cost is getting excessive (i.e. more than $20), send us a message/email with what you are attempting to buy and we can see what we can do.  Unfortunately, the shipping calculator presently in use is great for single items, but brain dead in knowing when enough is enough.
    Discount Code Provides This Benefit
    BlackJack15 15% off Black Jack non-Ostrich Boots
    BlackJack20 20% off Black Jack Ostrich Boots