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Black Jack Men's Hand-Tooled Square Toe Boots

  • $ 58975
  • Save $ 100

Manufacturer: Black Jack 
Style#: HT194 

Description: An exquisitely hand tooled boot from Black Jack! Black Jack boots are hand crafted here in the great USA, and this boot is no different. It features a remarkably unique hand tooled foot and a sleek shaft with Lonestar cording.
  • 12" Shaft Height
  • Dark Brown Foot
  • Goat Pearl Maddog Top
  • Toe: 9 (Wide Square)
  • Heel: 6 (Fowler Straight)

Black Jack boots are custom made to order, so we can order these boots in nearly any size.  We can also change details on this boot such as substituting a different heel, toe, or upper stitch pattern, or make any men's boot in a women's size.

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