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Cowtown Men's Rattlesnake Square Toe Boots

  • $ 37995

Manufacturer: Cowtown
Style#: Q715  

Description:  This is an incredible value in rattlesnake boots.   
  • Rattlesnake Foot
  • Black Leather Shaft
  • Wide Square Toe
  • Double Stitch Welt
  • Leather Outsole

The snake skin on this boot is the natural finish so every boot will vary in coloration and pattern.  As such, each pair may look different from the photos.  Please request photos of the size you want before ordering so you are not disappointed.  As you can see in the photos, please know that rattlesnake boots are have a 3-piece vamp.  It would take a VERY large rattlesnake to provide enough skin to make a single piece vamp, and then it would have a lot of the yellow underbelly on each side which would detract from the beauty of the rattlesnake pattern which typically covers the back of the snake.

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