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Outback Ranch 5X Lubbock Black Cool Hand Luke CHL Crown Felt Cowboy Hat

  • $ 15975
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Manufacturer:Outback Ranch (Our private label cowboy hat!) 
Style#: 5X Lubbock Cool Hand Luke (CHL) Crown

Description: This our line of Cowboy Hats. We have several styles and colors from which to choose.  All were hand picked for their quality and style.

This hat started life with an "Open" crown.  We have since shaped it to have a CHL, Cool Hand Luke crown.  The CHL is a *very* popular crown among the folks who rodeo.  However, because it started life as an open crown, the crown can be reshaped to other crown shapes whereas most all other hats (excluding those from American Hat Company)  cannot have their crown successfully reshaped as it's formed at the factory under heat and pressure..

  • Black Color
  • 5X Quality - A great felt hat for everyone!
  • 4.25" Brim - As noted in the pictures, the brim has a very slight roll to it.  That's it.
  • Long Oval (But not as Long as other Long Ovals.)


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