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Panhandle Slim Women's Blush Cream Swing Lace Tank

Panhandle Slim

  • $ 1995

Manufacturer: Panhandle Slim
Style#: J7-6801

Description: Perfect for the summer! Eye-catching patterns throughout Panhandle Slim reflect bold spirit.  From trendy hipster shirts with flattering tailoring and spiced-up styling to classic ladies summer wear, Panhandle Slim sets the trends in women's fashion. Intricate decorative stitching, embroidery, lace, and embellishment are the tell-tale details that make them distinctly Panhandle Slim. 

  • Blush Cream
  • Swing Tank
  • Contrast Crochet Lace Back Inset
  • Hand wash Cold.
  • 95% Rayon/ 5% Spandex

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