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Rancho Estancia Women's Vaquera Belt with D-Rings - Outback Western Wear

Rancho Estancia Women's Vaquera Belt with D-Rings

Rancho Estancia

  • $ 7995

Manufacturer: Rancho Estancia
Style#: R5F308-E018LB


Go on and get sassy, this belt by Rancho Estancia has loads of attitude. Thin unlined leather with raw edges has been treated to shimmer a dazzling metallic green. The leather is stamped with a delicate floral pattern and accented with large bronze toned nailhead studs. The large metal D rings at either end add an equestrian flair, with leather strips for fastening this belt shut, which will dangle and sway with each shake of your hip. This belt is meant to be worn slung around your hips, so wear it with a pretty little lace dress and cowboy boots.

  • Genuine leather
  • Belt width: 3-1/2"
  • Inlaid brass
  • Bronze-toned studs
  • Green metallic sheen
  • Raw leather cut
  • Tie closure

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