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Texas Hat Company 30X Indigo Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat NEW

  • $ 3495

Manufacturer: Texas Hat Company
Style#: INDIGO 35-K

  • 30X Palm Leaf
  • Fine Sahuayo Palm
  • Low Crown 4"
  • Brim 4"

Please note: This is a very nice hat.  However, not all hats of this style were manufactured with the same hatband.  The hats we received most recently are all the same, correct palm hat body, but it seems different hats received different hatbands.  So, they do not all look like the one in the photo.  As you can imagine, this is quite frustrating.  So, when you choose different sizes, you'll see the hat band(s) which are on that size.   We have more than one of a couple sizes so let us know which style you want after placing your order.  Or, even better, call us on the phone.  :-)

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